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Very good food, and the little details weren't overlooked. I asked for a burger deluxe, but with no lettuce or tomato, because it tends to sog up the bun. What did they do? They put it separate so that I got it, and it alleviated the issue I wrote in my order. The burger was cooked exactly to order and their waffle fries were crispy & delish. Grub Hub got the order to my door to the minute of their delivery estimate. First time order, I'll be back!!


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Order was over thirty minutes late... yet as you can see, I gave them five stars. Why, you ask? Because their "John Wayne" cheeseburger was outrageously good! The cook/chef made the burger medium-rare, just as I asked for it, and the rest of the toppings were nice and fresh.
I'll wait the added time as long as they continue to make their food just as I like it! (and they are not late that often...)


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Five stars for delivery food, that is. Le Bernardin doesn't deliver . This was probably my fifth or sixth order from Bay Ridge Diner. It's been consistently good and tends to be my first stop on Grubhub now. I particularly like their meat loaf and chopped steak. Good fries too. My only (minor) criticism is that the vegetable sides taste canned and are a little overcooked.


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I had a fried fish sandwich with fried onions, which I gobbled down. It was very tasty, and very BIG. I didn't like the cole slaw that much, but I think that's just because it didn't taste like my Mommy's. ;) The delivery guy was very friendly, which I appreciate, especially since it's Labor Day and most people aren't at work.


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In addition to everything on the menu, the waffles stuffed with bacon (Chicken and Waffles entree) are indescribably delicious. Desserts are awesome too, and the portions are very generous. In short, you can't possibly go wrong ordering from this place.

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I think their food is always excellent. Very nicely presented and always fresh. Their tatziki sauce is really delicious, the side order is a small styrofoam coffee cup filled with the good stuff. Its really worth getting. I personally will not be ordering the dip platter anymore it came with too small of a portion of dip and way more veggies and bread than the dip could support. I was very glad I ordered an additional side of tatziki sauce! If you so get the platter add the side of sauce its sooooo worth it!!!! Great food and excellent delivery.


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Love this diner! Usually eat her once a week! My only complaint is that I consistently select the option to not receive silverware- I do not use the plastic and really try to spare the environment and for whatever reason they do not listen to this request! All other restaurants we order from with seamless comply to this request but not the diner...


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Amazing takeout food!! It takes a little while for the food to come sometimes, but when it does arrive it is EXCELLENT! They take care to follow all of your requests - even if it means separating each topping on your pancakes into different containers! Luv luv luv their Greek yogurt with granola and strawberries.


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Wow. What a hidden jam! Everything I ordered was perfect. It was the best pancakes I have ever had . Disco Fries were great and burger was perfectly cooked . Although the restaurant for got pickles I still hve to give them 5 stars because everything was deliciouse.


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Definitely loved the stuff I ordered from this place . The shake was so amazing! The disco fries were a new thing and I enjoyed trying them however I wish they had more gravy. . Lemon meringue pie was good. Will definitely order again to try more

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